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Spilling Beans


With ChilliVault you can upload, view, archive and share your digital content with anyone, anywhere in the world. Full activity tracking in your Vault allows you to see who's done what, where and when.

Use ChilliVault to present to individuals or show the world by hosting your media to your website. Our system was built by our in-house developers, who are on hand to constantly maintain and improve the system.

File Types

Our system is built to deal with files of any size or format. Your video file will be transcoded into a high quality streaming video for viewing purposes. Allowing you, your colleagues, clients and partners to quickly view the file, add comments and share.


Share your videos in branded and professional presentations, which are viewable on any device. Choose how private or public your work is, password protect your presentation or create a public link. It's up to you!


Need to quickly send a file? Send the spots immediately using Chillivault, the recipient will receive a secure and branded email. Do you need to upload or share your assets but don't want to give someone access to your vault? Send an empty drop box, get the person at the other end to upload the work and then add it to your library from the drop box - simple.

Aspera reliability

Aspera is a plug-in that means no matter what internet speed and connectivity you have, your file will be uploaded successfully. If the Internet connection drops out, the upload or download will pick up from where it left off. So even if you have a power cut there is no need to start the transfer from scratch.


How you organise your Vault is up to you. Create libraries with custom branding, allowing work to be collated and arranged as you wish.


Every user of your Vault requires a password, they only have access to your Vault if you say so. Then you can define which libraries they can and can't see. ChilliVault allows you to create ‘Roles', giving you complete control over your users and their permissions. No need to worry about someone accidentally deleting important assets and sharing or downloading sensitive material.

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