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Our Story

ChilliBean was founded as 'ImageVault' in 2003 as an online repository to manage advertising agencies video and audio assets which only existed as tapes residing on shelves in offices. ImageVault succeeded in liberating these assets so that organisations could have web based global access to them 24/7. Our first major client for this service was Ogilvy in London.

In 2006 came our next major developments with a name change to ChilliBean, our first steps in delivering commercials to broadcasters for transmission and the launch of SohoSoho, our online reels and directory service for the commercials production community.

These services grew rapidly on a global basis necessitating a radical software re-development programme starting in 2009 and launching in 2011 as ChilliVault. New features included branding ChilliVaults with clients' own logos, easier sharing and delivering large files over IP and hosting and linking content to clients' own websites.

Since 2011 ChilliBean has consolidated a reputation in the media industry as an easy to deploy solution for media asset management and delivery and has made inroads through reputation alone into US markets and other industries such as Pharmaceuticals. As file based delivery and archiving becomes more ubiquitous ChilliVault can scale to manage files of any size and type for organisations of any size.

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